China Rules Out Flu-Like Virus SARS In The Mysterious Pneumonia Outbreak In The Region

China Rules Out Flu-Like Virus SARS In The Mysterious Pneumonia Outbreak In The Region


Health officials of China have made it clear that viral pneumonia pandemic is not the result of the SARS virus, which has affected 59 people. SARS had killed more than a hundred people a decade ago. The mysterious epidemic has been rising since last week in Wuhan, which has led to many speculations about the recurrence of the dreaded SARS virus. Wuhan Health commission has said that they have ruled out all the possibility of this unusual epidemic to be an avian, an adenovirus, respiratory syndrome severe acute. Wuhan Police officials have arrested eight people for misleading the public and spreading wrong information. All the infected people are being treated in quarantine. As per the officials, they are seriously unwell but none of them has died yet.

The mysterious outbreak broke out when some of the employees of the seafood market city fell ill. The seafood market city has been shut down since then for disinfection. Health care officials have asserted that there is no enough evidence of human-to-human transmission of the virus. The World Health Organization has said that there is a link to a wholesale fish and live animal market, which indicates a possible exposure link to animals. Fever is the most common symptom of the infection. Some of the patients have also complained of breathing problems. Chest Radiographs have as well indicated lesions on both lungs. Symptoms of this infection are quite similar to respiratory diseases. However, Pneumonia is a common ailment during the winter season.

‘SARS’ virus had killed more than 349 people across mainland China and around 299 people in Hong Kong in 2003. The dreaded virus has killed more than 8000 people across the world. It began in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong. There had been several speculations that the Chinese government had hidden the actual number of affected people following the outbreak. The officials of the WHO criticized China for mishandling the situation. After receiving a lot of condemnation, China had sacked its Health Minister. Later, The WHO declared the nation SARS free in 2004.

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