AirPods Pro Has Improved Bluetooth Latency, Claims a New Testing

AirPods Pro Has Improved Bluetooth Latency, Claims a New Testing


It is said by Apple and verified by users that AirPods Pro is offering a new set of features like its much-awaited Noise Cancellation and Ambient Mode. However, an independent testing has revealed another change that was spotted in the new pair of wireless earphones. According to a testing done by Stephen Coyle, the brand-new AirPods Pro is offering an improved Bluetooth latency. The musician-cum-software-developer had been testing the wireless earphones for a while and the results were posted in his blog. Coyle had used a number of ways to test the latency.

In his blog post, Stephen Coyle starts with a reference to how well the AirPods were. “They drop from 274ms to 178ms going from the first to second generation, and the AirPods Pro take it down even further, to 144ms. While a 130ms reduction may not seem like a lot, the perceptual difference from this makes the AirPods Pro tantalisingly close to seamless,” says the blog post. He says that Bluetooth latency is so improved that keyboard click sounds are reflected almost instantly, giving us an impression that both are connected to each other, wired. There are also other instances where Coyle approves the new AirPods for their improved latency.

Latency is not really an issue while watching a YouTube video or listening to music. However, this is indeed an issue for gamers, who want to listen to sounds that are generated almost instantly. Similarly, any instance that generates dynamic sounds will benefit from the improved Bluetooth latency. Coyle also talks about how the new Beats Pro devices are offering almost the same experience, thanks to the W1 chip that is inside. He also offers a few insights on the future of Bluetooth earphones, where he expects earphones to offer more of a seamless experience.

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