Twitter Launches New Layout For iOS App To Make Conversation Threads Easy, Android To Get New Feature Soon

Twitter Launches New Layout For iOS App To Make Conversation Threads Easy, Android To Get New Feature Soon


Micro-blogging site Twitter has rolled out a new layout to make conversation threads easy. The new reply layout is available for Twitter’s iOS app only. It will be extended to the Android platform soon. The new layout draws a concrete line between an original tweet and replies. The replies to the main tweet indented slightly and connected by a series of horizontal and vertical lines. According to Twitter Support’s statement, the new layout will show replies to tweets from people the account holder follows as threaded replies. The company said it will make it easier to see who is replying to whom. This will invite more engagement and cut noises.

Twitter threads are a bit confusing sometimes and difficult to follow when an account is public and anybody can post a reply. The new feature will certainly cut unwanted voices and make easier to parse. The new look of Twitter replies will also ensure that the account holder doesn’t miss responses from friends and family. Twitter said the idea is to make sense of who is replying to whom. This will also let the account holder know which of the people he follows on the platform are engaged in a conversation. Twitter confirmed that the new reply layout will be coming to its Android app soon.

The launch of the new layout is an indicator that Twitter is looking to take measures to boost engagement on the platform. Twitter has experimented with a couple of new variations for interactions for the last two years. Besides, drawing a line between a parent tweet and replies, the company was also considering color coding for responses from the parent tweet poster and the responder. To boost the real-time engagement, another option was green dots on profile images within chains to indicate when a user is online. Today, Twitter is considered as the next best way to communicate with masses. Launched in 2006, it has over 325 million active users worldwide.

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