Google Testing Cloud Gaming Service Stadia On Non-Pixel Android Devices

Google Testing Cloud Gaming Service Stadia On Non-Pixel Android Devices


Tech giant Google wants to bring its cloud gaming service Stadia to as many devices as possible. Back in November, Google had said it wants non-Pixel owners to experience Stadia. Reports now suggest Google has started testing Stadia gaming on non-Pixel Android devices. The company is running a randomized testing trial. It wants to see how non-Pixel smartphones handle Stadia. If all goes well, Google will soon extend Stadia gaming to all Android devices. Several reports in the recent weeks suggest users logging into Stadia on their non-Pixel devices are greeted by Destiny 2, Borderlands3 screens as opposed to the choose where to play screen.

Stadia was launched by Google in November last year with 22 games on board. Google at that time said it wants Stadia to run on every screen and the latest trial is part of the company’s promise to check compatibility on non-Pixel devices. Along with Pixel smartphones, the game streaming service also supports Chrome OS tablets like Pixel Slate, Acer Chromebook Tab 10 and HP Chromebook X2. It is available in 14 countries right now which include the United States. The monthly subscription of Stadia Pro costs USD 9.99 in the US.

Google introduced its gaming subscription service to take on Apple Arcade. Apple’s video game subscription service for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS devices was launched in September last year. Google has promised that Stadia will continue to add games, features, and updates in the coming months. Games that will come to Stadia in 2020 include Cyberpunk 2077, Doom: Eternal, Gods & Monsters, and WatchDogs: Legion. Meanwhile, a recent listing by Google Store has revealed that its controller will soon get wireless support for laptops, desktops, phones and tablets. The wireless functionality is a big deal as it uses built-in WiFi to directly connect to Stadia servers. It will reduce input lag and enhance gaming experience. Stadia already supports third-party controllers from Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

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