Atari Interactive Ventures Into World-Class Video Game Themed Hotels

Atari Interactive Ventures Into World-Class Video Game Themed Hotels


One of the world’s most renowned entertainment producers Atari Interactive has signed a deal with GSD group to build a video game themed chain of hotels in the United States. GSD Group is a leading innovation and strategy agency. It is headed by Shelly Murphy and Napoleon Smith III.  The officials of Atari think that building video game themed hotels will rekindle people’s interest in gaming brand. They will be making at least eight innovative hotels across the United States. The first hotel is scheduled to be launched in Phoenix, Arizona later this year. At the time when the gaming industry is booming, this venture is expected to attract people’s interest. The company is yet to acquire the rights for building these video game themed hotels.

These hotels will provide a series of gaming along with Atari themed lodging to its guests. It will also provide modern age VR and augmented reality experiences. Some of the hotels will be designed to host esports events as well. Atari CEO, Fred Chesnais has said that these hotels will offer much more than just a place to stay. GSD Group will manage the design of the hotels as well. Real estate developer True North Studio will be responsible for the actual construction of the first hotel. Other hotels will be based in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, Chicago, Denver, Austin, and San Jose.

Apart from video game themed hotels, Atari Interactive is all set to unveil its new retro-themed console called Atari VCS. It will be available in the market by March 2020. The initial pricing of the Atari VCS will start at $249. This will allow users to access 100 pre-installed Atari games along with modern PC games. Atari hotels will be the first of its kind brand in the US, which will offer game lovers of all ages an immersive entertainment in every aspect of gaming. Atari Interactive is a subsidiary firm of Atari SA, which was earlier known as Infogrames. The existing version of Atari deals with game franchises, like Asteroids, centipede, and Missile Command.

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