China Government Plans To Test HIV Medicine For Coronavirus Treatment

China Government Plans To Test HIV Medicine For Coronavirus Treatment


Health officials have informed that China has been experimenting with HIV drugs as a cure for Coronavirus symptoms. This experiment is being carried out by a pharmaceutical firm called Abbie Vie. Health officials have requested the supplies of HIV drugs to come out with a cure to treat the epidemic with the government’s efforts. This new research to develop a cure for the coronavirus might be able to address the ongoing crisis. All the major nations in the world have come together in the global race to create a cure for new coronavirus, which is spreading fast across the world.

Health officials have requested the supplies of Aluvia to Abbie Vie. Aluvia a combination of lopinavir and ritonavir. This drug is also known as Kaletra in Australia. Health officials have claimed that taking two pills of lopinavir or ritonavir and inhaling a single dose of nebulized alpha-interferon might help the patients dealing with coronavirus symptoms. They have said that there are no side effects of anti-virus drug. The Pharmaceutical firm has revealed that the government had asked for the supply of Aluvia in 2009 as an ad hoc treatment for Pneumonia. China’s National Health Commission has confirmed that they are going ahead with the drug as part of their treatment plan for infected patients.

The Head of the World Health Organization (WHO) is planning to meet Chinese health authorities in Beijing to discuss their next plan of action to address the coronavirus outbreak. The WHO has been facing flaks from all the corners for not declaring the coronavirus as a public emergency, when it was detected for the first time at Wuhan Wet Market last month. Coronavirus is quite similar to SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Symptoms) and MARS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) in terms of its origin and characteristics. Health professionals from all around the world have been putting their best foot forward to prevent the outbreak as it has infected more than 2000 people and nearly 80 people have died due to the deadly virus in China.

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