European Parliament Votes Favoring Common Charging Cable Standard, Apple Badly Hit

European Parliament Votes Favoring Common Charging Cable Standard, Apple Badly Hit


The European Parliament has voted overwhelmingly against the use of multiple chargers. The resolution favoring a common charger was passed with 582-40. The resolution urges the European Commission to adopt new rules for a single universal charging method for smartphones. The new rules will probably come into effect by July. This means smartphone buyers may not necessarily get a new charger with a new device. The resolution also highlighted wireless chargers as a way to reduce electronic waste. The members, however, noted that the rules should make sure that chargers can work with all brands. The lawmakers believe that a common charger for all smartphones will further easier people’s lives.

The development has come a huge setback for Apple which uses Lightning connector cable. The Cupertino based tech giant had argued against a common charger. The company said it will stifle innovation. Besides, such a decision will create e-waste as existing chargers and cables will become useless. The iPhone maker will be the most affected by the latest decision. Other smartphone brands have already adopted the common standard by moving to a USB-C type connector. Apple has been using the Lightning cable to charge and sync its devices including the iPhone. The two other charging cables are USB-C and micro-USB. They are commonly used on Android devices.

This is the second time when Apple will change its iPhone cable. Apple in 2012 dropped the 30-pin dock connector. The European Union has been campaigning for a single universal charging method for the last ten years. It urged smartphone makers to voluntarily move towards a common standard. But the EU members felt that the voluntary approach has not delivered the desired result and therefore it was necessary to enact new legislation. Also, the European Commission estimates say that old charges generate 51,000 tonnes of electricity waste every year and the new decision will help in saving electricity and the environment as well. Back in 2009, there were more than 30 types of chargers available in the market. But that number was reduced to just three in the following years.

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