Flesh-Eating Bacteria Linked To Black Tar Heroin Kills Seven People In San Diego


Health authorities have confirmed that seven people have lost their lives in the last two months due to serious bacterial infection related to black tar heroin use. As per the latest reports, nine people were hospitalized between October 2 and November 24 after they used black tar heroin. Health officials said that those people were diagnosed with mynoecrosis. It is a flesh-eating bacterial infection, which destroys muscles. Seven of them have already died and five of them have been men. Nine people, who were hospitalized, were in the age group of 19 to 57 years. It is has prompted officials to alert law enforcement and health authorities. The officials fear that it can lead to an alarming situation in the region.

Thirteen people have been diagnosed with wound botulism in South California, which might be related to black tar heroin use. Although officials are trying hard to determine the source of heroin. However, the transmission of the bacteria is uncertain. Mynoecrosis is a tissue infection, which ruins the muscles. The symptoms of the infection include severe pain and swelling around the wound. It leaves a pale skin on the wounds, which quickly changes color into gray, dark red and purple. Infected people can also develop blisters with foul-smelling discharge, fever, air under the skin, excessive sweating, and increased heart rate. Severe mynoecrosis can lead to shock, amputation, and death at times. Authorities have advised the local medical community to keep a close watch on new mynoecrosis infection and wound botulism. Botulism can be treated with antitoxins, said Dr. Eric McDonald, director of Epidemiology and Immunization.

Dr. Eric McDonald has said that San Diego has one or two cases of mynoecrosis every year but an outbreak like this is quite rare. People who inject black tar heroin are at higher risk of being diagnosed with mynoecrosis and botulism. Mynoecrosis can spread through the body in the case of negligence. Symptoms of botulism include drooping eyelids, dry mouth, blurred vision, sore throat, and slurred speech and paralysis. These symptoms can be misguided for a drug overdose at times. Black Tar heroin is sticky in nature and majorly produced in Mexico. It is predominantly sold in the United States.

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