Gmail Launches New Feature To Send Emails As Attachments


Popular mailing service Gmail has rolled out a new feature to send emails as attachments. Gmail is the email service of tech giant Google. The feature can prove to be useful as it will significantly cut down on forwarding emails. It lets users send multiple emails in the form of attachments. The feature is, however, available to G Suite users as of now. It will be extended to users worldwide in a phased manner. Google in a blog post said this feature will be useful in a situation when any information needs to be communicated between groups or even otherwise. The company noted attaching emails makes more sense in some situations than forwarding separate emails.

This means users will not require creating a separate email thread while replying to an email. Users will have to pop out the draft window and then attach supportive emails. The company said it will add Forward as Attachment option in the overflow menu once it is launched for all. Users can avail the benefit of this new feature by just clicking on the button. Once users click on the button, they can attach as many as supporting emails to the primary mail. The company said users can also drag and drop to attach supportive emails. Besides attaching emails, users can also write a message in the email to the recipients.

Google noted this feature will save time and make work hassle-free. It will prevent users from downloading emails first and then attaching them to primary mail. Earlier, users will have to download emails first and then attach separately before forwarding the files to single or multiple recipients. When emails are sent as an attachment, the attached email becomes an emi file. This allows users to attach as many emails they want to send. When recipients will click on an attachment, it will open in a new window. Once the feature is released completely, it will be available for all users across all platforms by default.

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