Moderate Alcohol Consumption Can Shoot Up The Risk Of Cancer


A study has indicated that even a little bit of alcohol consumption can increase the risk of cancer in people. Cancer of mouth, throat, stomach, and colon are commonly diagnosed due to alcohol consumption. The study has found out that there is a higher risk of cancer in people who consume light to moderate quantity of alcohol as compared to people who do not drink at all. As per the reports, there is an 18 percent elevated risk of cancer among current and former drinkers. At the same time, there is zero risk of cancer among the people who are non-drinkers. The study has been conducted on adults in Japan.

Researchers have said that authorities need to promote public education related to an elevated risk of cancer linked to alcohol consumption. Masayoshi Zaitsu, the co-author of the study has observed the clinical data of 63232 cancer patients and a control group of another 63232 people from 2005 to 2016 across 33 hospitals in Japan. The participants have kept track of their average daily alcohol consumption. They also have reported the duration they have been drinking for. Researchers have regarded an average drink as 6 ounces of sake, 17 ounces of beer, 6 ounces of wine and 2 ounces of whiskey. The study has suggested that people who have been taking light drinks for a period of 10 years have a 5 percent overall increased risk of cancer. Experts have defined light drinking as one drink in a day for 10 years or two drinks in a day for 5 years.

Participants who have been consuming two or more alcoholic drinks in a day witnessed an overall elevated risk of cancer irrespective of the duration of their drinking habit. Participants who have reported zero alcohol consumption have been at the lowest risk of cancer. There is also an increased risk of breast and prostate cancer linked to alcohol use. Scientists have also witnessed that smoking was more common among cancer patients, who have lower professional class status.

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