Google Rolls Out New Feature In Search Result That Makes It Easier To Find Clothes, Accessories From Local Shops

Google Rolls Out New Feature In Search Result That Makes It Easier To Find Clothes, Accessories From Local Shops


Google made some big changes on its Shopping app recently and it is now planning to revamp Google Search. The latest changes will let users search and compare clothes, accessories, and shoes from different retailers. So every time when you search for a product, Google will feature the most popular products from stores along with other search results. There will option to filter your results by size, style, and even department. Once you have narrowed down to the product of your choice, links will appear to purchase the product from the retail store of your choice. For example, if a user search for running shoes, or down jackets, or women’s leather belt, the search engine giant will present popular product from different stores.

Users can then further narrow down according to style, size, or stores that carry it and match prices of the product available in different stores. Google will precisely show the number of stores carrying a particular product. This feature is expected to be extremely useful when you are trying to find stores near you that carry one particular product. This is something that has not been quite an easy thing to do in the past. Moreover, the user can read aggregated customer reviews and simply click on the store from which you want to purchase your product.

The feature, Google underlined, will not be a paid advertisement for retailers and they can include products within the section without spending a single penny. The feature is part of a large program on how Google wants to enhance users’ shopping experience. The search engine giant is planning to become the go-to platform to search for everything that is not on e-market places. This is probably when it acquired Pointy, a startup that lets small retailers list their products online. Google has sealed the deal with a Dublin-based startup for USD 163 million. Google partnered with Pointy a few years ago to offer functionality to local shops willing to display products within Google search.

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