Samsung Electronics Denies Selling One Million Units Of Galaxy Fold, Plans New Model To Cut Price


South Korean smartphone maker Samsung Electronics has refuted claims that it sold one million units of Galaxy Fold. Its president Young Sohn had during a conference in the US recently said that the tech giant has sold one million Galaxy Folds. Now, the company in a statement said Sohn may have confused with the initial sales target and interpreted it as the sales achieved by the company so far. The claim was double the expectations made by the company itself. The company had estimated to sell around 50,000 units this year. It is, however, unclear how many Galaxy Folds have been sold so far.

The smartphone-cum-tablet features a 7.3-inch primary flexible AMOLED display. In its standard form, the device features a 4.6-inch screen. Users can fold it horizontally just like a book. It was launched in September this year. It offers 512GB of internal storage and is paired with 12GB of RAM. It is backed by a 7nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 octa-core SoC. It comes with three selfie cameras. It uses a 10MP camera when closed. A dual camera of 10MP main sensor and 8MP depth sensor are active when it is open. There is also a three camera-system at the rear as well. This includes a 16MP Ultra Wide camera, 12MP Wide-Angle sensor, and 12MP telephoto sensor.

The company expects its foldable phone sales will pick up next year. The figure will possibly reach six million in 2020. Reports suggest prices of foldable handsets are likely to go down gradually. This will ultimately push up the demand and Samsung is expecting to cash in on the reduction of prices. Samsung confirmed it is planning to use a cheaper design for bringing down its price. It may offer 256GB of internal storage in the new model. Meanwhile, reports are doing the rounds that the new clamshell-style foldable device will be unveiled early next year. It may cost around USD 1,000. The Galaxy S11 series is also slated to hit the shelves in February 2020.

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