Facebook Adding Dark Mode Feature For Android Lite App Users First

Facebook Adding Dark Mode Feature For Android Lite App Users First


The dark mode theme has been one of the most talked features for several apps. Several popular apps like WhatsApp are testing the dark mode theme for months. The world’s most popular social media service Facebook has now joined the league of apps that are working on the theme. Facebook’s main app doesn’t have the feature yet. The social media giant said it has decided to add the dark mode feature to Facebook Lite Android users first. The dark mode is already available for most Facebook Lite users worldwide. The company said it has launched a dedicated option for dark mode. The Android Lite app users have been given options to enable and disable the dark mode as per their needs.

The dark mode theme, as the name suggests, changes the screen to dark. The theme enhances the battery performance of smartphones as apps consume less power. Besides, it improves reading quality in low light conditions. To enable the dark mode theme, users will have to go to the Settings menu in the Facebook Lite’s Android app and scroll down to the dark mode option. Now, turn it on. This will quickly change the user interface to dark. Notably, the Lite app for iPhone doesn’t support the dark mode feature now. Multiple reports suggest Facebook is mulling to extend the feature to the iPhone users soon.

Notably, Facebook rolls out new updates to its Lite app before the main app. Reports suggest the Facebook Lite’s dark mode is not black but grey in dark color. This means the main app may also get a similar feature in the coming days. The grey color is more soothing to the eye than the usual black color. Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp has been testing the dark mode theme for months. The dark mode for WhatsApp is currently available for Android beta users. There is no word from the company when it will launch the dark theme. Another Facebook-owned app Instagram has already launched the dark mode theme on its app months ago.

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