Meet Samsung's 'Human-like' Artificial Intelligence Named Neon Is All Set For CES 2020 Debut

Meet Samsung’s ‘Human-like’ Artificial Intelligence Named Neon Is All Set For CES 2020 Debut


Samsung is all set to introduce its ‘human-like’ artificial intelligence called Neon at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020. There were speculations that it would be an ‘artificial human’ that would make you wonder ‘which one of you is real’. A tweet has now pretty much confirmed that it would be avatar-based digital assistance. Neon is being developed at Samsung STAR Labs research division, a skunkworks division of the consumer electronics giant. However, the information shared on Twitter does not provide enough information to presume how impressiveness of Neon. The details have been shared by Pranav Mistry, CEO of Samsung’s STAR labs research division. According to the LinkedIn profile of Pranav, he is also the CEO of Neon.

Pranav has tweeted two images in which shows a woman like a figure wearing blue jeans and a high neck black t-shirt. The images are apparently of one of the avatars. “The Core R3 is ready for demo. It can autonomously create new movements, new expressions, new dialog,” Mistry wrote while sharing the photo. Mistry said the dialog can even be done in Hindi and it is completely different from the originally captured data. Some of the unlisted videos revealed some of more these human figures. The videos have been shared on YouTube and the figures in the video extremely lifelike. None of the figures in the videos looked like computer-generated graphics.

In a recent interview, Mistry had said that ‘digital humans’ will be a major technology in the 2020s. He gave examples of movies like Blade Runner 2049 in which Officer K develops a relationship with Joi, his artificial intelligence hologram companion. A digital human can become a part of our everyday lives and play a variety of roles like a virtual receptionist, virtual news anchor or even an artificial intelligence generated film star. But one will have to wait and see how much Neon, which is expected to be showcased soon, can live up to these expectations.

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